Crab Species

delicate Louisiana Blue Crab makes a strong statement

Wild Louisiana Blue Crabs are prized for their mild, sweet flavor and delicate, gently yielding meat. The unusually large size of our "#1 jimmies" makes them sought-after items nationwide. These signature traits are the result of natural growth in wild, nutrient-rich waters.

From sweeter lump meat to milder back-fin meat and richer claw meat, versatile Louisiana Blue Crabs provide chefs with an endless source of culinary creativity.

how to buy Louisiana Blue Crab

Wild Louisiana Blue Crab should be purchased live and remain live until cooking to preserve the pure, 100%-natural flavor and premium qualities that make it so sought after in restaurants across the country.

Soft-shelled or hard, Louisiana Blue Crabs come with the quality-control of a leading provider.

Louisiana Blue Crab is also available frozen or boiled.

how to store Louisiana Blue Crab

Live Louisiana Blue Crab should be stored in a refrigerator to preserve its superior flavor and flaky, delicate meat.

  • Fresh Louisiana Blue Crab stays fresh when refrigerated at 40°F.
  • Frozen Louisiana Blue Crab maintains its quality for up to 2 months. Keep the freezer at 0°F or below.
  • Cooked Louisiana Blue Crab can be refrigerated and served 10 to 12 days from packaged date.

peak Louisiana Blue Crab seasons

Wild Blue Crabs from Louisiana are available year-round.

Soft-shell Louisiana Blue Crabs are abundant from late spring to early fall, while hard-shell Louisiana Blue Crabs are harvested throughout the year.

Louisiana Blue Crab nutritional information

Blue Crabs from Louisiana are rich in nutrients and contain fewer calories than other crab species.

Louisiana Blue Crabs are a high-quality protein, rich with vitamins and minerals. They’re also an excellent source of phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium and iron.

Each 3.5-oz. portion of Louisiana Blue Crab has only 80 calories and includes half of the USDA daily allowance of protein.