In 1984, the State of Louisiana created the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board to support Louisiana’s world-class commercial fisheries industry and respond to changes in the marketplace and in the environment. The Board is composed of members appointed by the lieutenant governor representing all of the different sectors of the industry.

Board Members and Staff

2015 Board

  • Sal Sunseri, Board Chair
    Oyster Dealers and Growers Association
  • Alan Gibson, Past Board Chair
    American Shrimp Processors Association
  • Pete Tortorich, Chairman-Elect
    Louisiana Retailer's Association
  • Chalin Delaune, Secretary/Treasurer
    Crab Task Force
  • Larry Avery, Seafood Processor
  • Mayor Sherbin Collette, Crawfish Industry
  • Daniel Edgar, Wild Catfish Industry
  • Jakov Jurisic, Oyster Task Force
  • David Maginnis, Commerical Saltwater Finfish
  • Al Marmande, Alligator Industry
  • Troy Parria, Louisiana Shrimp Association
  • Chef Peter Sclafani, Louisiana Restaurant Association


  • Karen J. Profita, Executive Director
  • Ben Mitchell, Assistant Executive Director
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